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A playwright wants to write a happy play, but he can't because Django, his main character, is depressed and has decided to commit suicide.

"Django in Pain" is a cinematic meta-fiction of a theatrical meta-fiction that uses humor, music, and puppets to tell a hopeful story about depression, compassion, and friendship. A reflection on sadness, a moving western, and a musical journey.

In the most hopeless moment of confinement as a result of the pandemic, Ana Graham and Antonio Vega set out to tell a hopeful story about depression. Without leaving their apartment in New York, they recycled materials to build sets, reused objects, and transformed a glass desk into the stage to create several worlds; from a cabin in the middle of the forest to an ocean where the protagonists coexist with a blue whale.

Recording the story with their phone, they explored different techniques, such as miniature theater, table puppets, and shadow theater. At the same time, while in his apartment in Mexico, Cristóbal MarYán, composed and performed the music that accompanies this hopeful story about depression, friendship, and compassion.

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