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Life Lag B

This flute quartet is an arrangement of Life Lag - "A", originally thought as a piano duet for a single pianist across time. A series of conversations I had with David Cossin from the Bang on a Can All-Stars inspired the idea behind "Life Lag." We met in Abu Dhabi for an artistic intensive and during dinner, I asked him "do you have jet lag?" to which he answered, "I have life lag." We both laughed. Later during the intensive, he shared his own performance of "piano phase" by Steve Reich. In his performance, he recorded himself doing both piano parts. He projected the piano 2 part on top of him, producing a visual representation of the displacement characteristic to the piece. It is when I approached him and said "wouldn't it be cool to write a piece where you play with a younger projection of yourself?" to which he answered, "you should write it." And well, here we are.

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